Installation of the SOUNDLIGHT PCMCIA DMX Interface

Please elect a free PCMCIA slot end gently insert the PCMCIA card, face up..
IMPORTANT: Please make sure, that your computer is switched off when inserting or removing PCMCIA cards.

Start Windows and select SETTINGS - CONTROL PANEL.
Click the ADD NEW HARDWARE symbol.

As the device to be installed is known, we do not need automatic hardware detection. Please select NO, THE DEVICE IS NOT IN THE LIST.

Form the list please select OTHER DEVICES.

As the PCMCIA DMX Interface is not contained within the list, select HAVE DISK, then BROWSE..

Select the DMXCARD.INF file, then
Confirm with NEXT, NEXT and COMPLETE.

This completes the installation of the SOUNDLIGHT PCMCIA Interface.
You may now run the demos and diagnostic tools and access the interface.